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Watch a Home Expert unbox the TheraFace PRO facial therapy device and learn how it can help rejuvenate your look.
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Length: 2:57
[Upbeat Music] [Jessica, our Blue Shirt Expert stands inside the studio at a blue table. She displays a white box, the product the TheraFace Pro.] Jessica: Hi. My name is Jessica. I'm a blue shirt expert here at Best Buy. Today on Unboxed, we'll be taking a look at the TheraFace Pro. [Unboxed title card] [Jessica starts to unbox the product] We'll just put this here. So the first thing I'm seeing is that there is a little story which is really cute. It says our story with Therabody. [Jessica open box and removes the black carrying bag] Okay, so it does come with this cute little carrying bag. So put that here. [Jessica removes a smaller box that contains USB-C cord and conductive gel and sets products out on the table] And then this box here, this is the charger. It could be a USB to USB-C. And the gel. This is the TheraOne conductive gel. [Jessica removes the product stand and cleansing ring from small box] underneath the box. We do have our stand for the product and also a cleansing ring where you can use the cleansing ring and the conductive gel together. [Jessica picks up and opens carrying bag and removes the TheraFace device and attachments, laying them out on the table] So here is the bag. It is small. It is portable, which is nice. So first thing I see is the device here, and it comes with magnetic attachments. So there is the ring and then the three percussive attachments. The flat, the cone, and the micro-point. And this is the microcurrent ring. [Jessica shows how to connect the ring to the Theraface device magnetically] All of these attachments do go on magnetically. With the ring, there are three different options. There's the blue light, the red light, and the infrared light. With the blue light is to help reduce acne, with the red light is to help with wrinkles. And the infrared light is to help with the healing process. [Jessica shows how to connect the percussive attachments to the Theraface device magnetically] With the micropoint. It is good for circulation around larger areas of the face, with the cone and is great for precision around the eyes and pressure points. And with the flat, it's great for general use all over the face. [Jessica shows how to connect the microcurrent ring to the Theraface device magnetically] With the microcurrent ring. This helps contouring of the face And the neck and it helps firm and tighten the skin. The TheraFace Pro comes with many great features and attachments but also sold separately, it is compatible with the hot and cold rings. [Jessica opens up the hot and cold rings box and removes the small white carrying case] This Therabody case is different from the first one, whereas this one is more leather texture compared to the plush texture. [Jessica opens up the white carrying case and removes the hot and cold ring attachments] When we open it We do see it's a little shiny inside taking in our hot and cold rings. These attachments also attach magnetically to the TheraFace Pro. They're designed to help lift, renew and soothe the skin. [Jessica stands behind blue table with the full layout of products] My name is Jessica. I'm a blue shirt expert here, at Best Buy. And today on Unboxed, we unboxed the TheraFace Pro. See you next time. [Best Buy Logo end card]

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