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Learn more about your LG ice maker and water dispensing system.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Have you noticed how tall the ice and water dispenser is? It's a new design from LG, and it's so convenient. Look. It makes it easy to get ice or water, even with a tall water bottle. Or with this pitcher. Finally a dispenser that lets me fill up something bigger than a glass. And it's really durable. That's because LG came up with a whole ice maker system to help avoid the maintenance problems that are common with standard ice makers, like problems with clumps of ice and with that metal rod that measures the ice. LG's ice maker is actually an ice tray that turns and twists by itself to release the ice. We were sold when the salesperson pushed a demo button and showed us how it worked. It even uses an electric eye to measure when it's full. And it makes these really cool shaped ice cubes. That's just one of the ways it saves space. Who would have thought to make a more efficient-shaped ice cube? LG, of course. I mean, who wants to give up all that food storage space for a ginormous ice maker that you only really need for Thanksgiving? That's why LG developed this awesome Slim SpacePlus Ice System to help maximize every inch of space inside the fridge. See? Ice dispenser on the outside, food on the inside. No bulky ice maker taking a bunch of space in the fridge. It's hidden behind these baskets. The Slim SpacePlus Ice System delivers three pounds of ice per day, and 3.3 pounds with the ICE PLUS option. That's about a pound more than the average American family consumes. And it makes the refrigerator look so much nicer, inside and out-- sleek, uncluttered, elegant. So LG added a little fashion with their function? Exactly.

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