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Learn more about the smart features on your new LG appliance refrigerator.
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LG's a leader in smart appliances, so why would you expect anything less than genius from their refrigerators? It's like she's got her own personality. Crisp, efficient, cool, and vigilant. Like a super spy. Cold, clever, and calculating. But that's a good thing in a refrigerator. The LG Smart Cooling system is designed to monitor the refrigerator and maintain the conditions needed to help keep food fresh. It has digital temperature sensors all over the place inside, and even one outside to detect temperature fluctuations in your home. So it really knows what's going on every second. The energy efficient Linear Compressor reacts quickly to changes in temperature and humidity to help keep your food fresher longer. And there's Multi-Air Flow technology which has strategically placed vents in every section that surround your food with cool air, no matter where you put it. If you get Smart Cooling Pus, like we did, it adds a fresh air filter and LG's Dual Evaporator system. Conventional fridges have serial dual evaporators, which cool both refrigerator and freezer at once, which can use more energy and put more wear on the compressor. LG's Dual Evaporator system independently controls the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It only calls the one that needs it, so you get fast cooling where you need, and energy savings. And then there's LG's Smart Diagnosis. It's like she can connect to our home office and upload her reconnaissance report. I can use the LG Smart Refrigerator app that I downloaded on my smartphone, or just call in. Then hold the phone over the sensor, and she sends data to the LG service center to help their technicians troubleshoot quickly. That can save me time and money. She really is so smart. Are you bragging about me again, honey? Always. Always.

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