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Sharp's line of big TVs has a lot of very cool features. Here are four of our favorites.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Sharp's line of big screen TVs has a lot of cool features. Here are four of our favorites. Cool thing number one, Sharp gives you more. That means more big-screen choices than any other brand, up to a mega-huge 90 inches. Plus, their different models come with different features, so you can pick the one that's best for you. And Sharp is an innovator when it comes to picture quality. Their advanced picture technology uses a unique pixel structure to deliver brighter highlights and deeper blacks than conventional pixels. And their exclusive Quattron Technology adds a yellow sub-pixel, for a billion more colors and a more powerful picture. Sharp's Super Bright Technology takes picture quality even further, with more realistic contrast for the ultimate viewing experience. The third cool thing is how smart these TVs are. You'll get the apps you love, larger than life and a dual core processor for faster load times. Can search the web while you watch TV and share content from your cell phone or tablet. Cool thing four is all about style. Sharp's thin bezel and slim design give you maximum screen space without taking up a ton of room space. And the programmable Wallpaper Mode lets you display your favorite pictures when the TV's turned off. So that's four cool things about Sharp's big TVs. And here's one more-- we are here to help. So to find out more, just talk to one of us, or go to

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