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Improving your home theater sound means plenty of choices. We help break it down.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Are you a huge movie watcher, do you listen to music a lot, do you like to entertain? Whether it be a big room, a small room, for music purpose, for a home theater setup purpose. A wireless system will just work off Wi-Fi. A lot of them will allow you access to either music that you have stored on your phone or your computer, or just some streaming services, like Pandora, for example, that allows you to stream radio. There are also tons of different types of speakers that you can choose from, whether it be the tall standing speakers, where you get maximum volume and sound and power out of, or bookshelf speakers, for if you have little nooks and crannies in the room that you want to hide it in. You want to make sure that your receiver can provide your speakers with an adequate amount of power. But you also, of course, want to make sure that you can't blow these speakers, too. Sound bars for a home theater system, they're very simple. They have a really small footprint, and they really can provide you much better sound than what you'll get out of the tiny speakers that come out of the TV. A home theater in a box has either a Blu-ray player/receiver, or an individual receiver and five different speakers and one subwoofer, all in one box. Building a component based system definitely has its benefits, the biggest one being just flexibility. You don't have to buy the whole system that once. You can start with just, maybe, two speakers and subwoofer, and then maybe expand to full surround sound, later on, if you want to. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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