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Wireless networking has made the connected home a reality. The Nest thermostat connects to your local network and learns your preferences by monitoring and recording your use. You can even install an app on your smartphone that will let you control it remotely. Here's a video showing how to get started.
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Welcome to the new world of the connected home. Through the power of the web you will be able to control the temperature in your home from anywhere on the planet. Your new Nest thermostat learns your habits and temperature preferences and programs itself over time. Or it can be controlled from your smartphone. This is a powerful benefit as it keeps your home's temperature comfortable when you're there and saves energy when you're away. Before you open the box, it's a good idea to check and make sure your old thermostat's wiring is compatible with the Nest. On your computer or mobile device, go to Remove the cover of your old thermostat and make note of the wires used to connect it. They should all be labelled with a letter. Enter the wires used into the compatibility checker to verify that Nest will work with your system. If the compatibility checker says everything is OK, you're ready to proceed. Do not install Nest if the compatibility checker tells you it's incompatible. Installing Nest is pretty easy and shouldn't require any special tools. Remember to switch off the power to your heating and cooling system before disconnecting your old thermostat. Take pictures of your current connection in case you need to refer to it later. Use the wire labels included in the manual to keep things organized. Once Nest has been installed, it will automatically turn on. Follow the onscreen set of instructions to answer a few simple questions about your home and your wireless network. Simply start adjusting the thermostat's temperature up or down as necessary to make your home comfortable. Nest will start learning your preferences within a few days and start adjusting the temperature automatically. If Nest has trouble connecting to the wireless network when it's first installed, it's because it takes a full 24 hours to fully charge. With the Nest app or website you can adjust the thermostat's temperature or view your energy report to track your heating and cooling usage. Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. If you need more help, we are here for you 24/7. Visit Call us at 1-800-GEEKSQUAD or visit us at a Best Buy store.

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