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See the Genesis Home Soda Maker in action. Watch this short demo video.
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Hi there. Let's take a look at the Sodastream Genesis Home Soda Maker. This sleekly designed soda maker offers a smarter, more refreshing way to enjoy sparkling water and soda. It comes with a 60 liter carbonator and a 1 liter BPA free carbonated bottle that allows you to create your own fizzy beverage, then take it with you wherever you go out. And it's earth friendly, because the bottle is reusable. No empties to recycle, no landfills to fill. The Sodastream also includes a wide variety of soda mixes in both regular and diet flavors that taste a lot like your favorite sodas. And that's a closer look at the Sodastream Genesis Home Soda Maker. Cheers.

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