Video: Action Camcorders: 3 Things to Know

These tiny camcorders can go places other camcorders can’t. Take a look.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] An action camcorder is actually a camcorder that's made to be used in action-style sports. The action cameras are so easy to use, and so small and portable, you can take them anywhere. When you can take it underwater, take it in a more rugged environment-- Skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, dirt biking-- you can do a lot of things with action camcorders that you can't do with any other camcorder. They also usually have a wider angle lens. It just gives you a whole, wide, different point of view, perspective. So with some of these action camcorders now, you're able to shoot in 4K Ultra HD, which is going to give you the better video resolution. And then you can put that on your 4K TV. Action cameras can be used for more than just extreme sports. The other people that, they're getting ready to go on vacation, down to the Caribbean, and they want something that they can take underwater with them to see all the fish and the reefs and stuff like that. So really, they're a camcorder for everybody. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the biggest things to actually consider when you get an action camera is, what type of mounting brackets I'm going to need to buy. Most action camcorders will come with some basic general-use mounts, usually something adhesive. But a lot of people like to mount it onto another object or onto themselves. And for that, you want to get a more specialized mount. You can mount them on your car, you can mount them on your bike, on your chest, your head, your helmet. It's really about how you want to use it, but we can kind of tailor what kind of mounts and accessories and stuff you want to use with it. You do want to make sure, when you're buying an action camera, that you also buy a memory card that's going to be large enough to store all the footage. But you also want to make sure you have a faster card. Otherwise, the memory card isn't going to be able to handle all the information that the camcorder is sending, and it's going to drop out frames. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the big features that people don't know that action cameras can do is, actually take still images. It is nice to have the versatility to take a still shot when you want to. Some cameras can actually shoot burst mode, where it shoots multiple photos. Or one of my favorite features is the time lapse, where you can have it take pictures every 60 seconds, or whatever interval you set, and that way you'll get a cool video where you can see something as it changes over time. [MUSIC PLAYING]
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