Video: Unboxing: Hisense TVs 65" and Larger with Box Clips

Unboxing: Hisense TVs 65' and Larger with Box Clips
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Length: 3:09
Blue Shirt: Congratulations on purchasing a new Hisense TV. This video will help you remove it from its packaging without damage, so you can start enjoying it right away. If you watch this video and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, you'll avoid common mistakes like pinching the screen, which can easily cause it to crack. Your unit may not be the exact model shown in this video, but your box should have clips near the bottom that hold the top and the base together, just like the box shown here. For screen sizes larger than 32 inches, we always recommend using two people. Also, cover a flat surface large enough to lay your TV on with a clean, soft blanket or towel before lifting it from the box. Start by using a box cutter or sharp knife to cut the tape on the top of the box. Look for accessories like instruction manuals, remote controls and batteries, or anything else that can be removed. Remove the top cushion and any other accessible packing. Look for the two plastic clips on the lower part of the front and back of the box. Release all four clips by squeezing and pulling away from the box. Next, hold the top part of the box by each end and lift directly up over the top of the TV, which will stay upright because of the packaging base. With your helper on one end and you on the other, reach as far down on the TV as you can with one hand. And use the other hand to lift and balance from above. Some TVs may have a lip or ridge on the back on at least one side near the top. You can use this ridge to help lift and balance the TV. Lift the TV from the packaging base and regroup as needed to support the weight from the bottom. But make sure to never pinch the screen between your thumb and fingers. Your new TV is fragile and pinching the screen can easily cause it to crack. Certain models use padding or screen covers to help prevent damage, but you should always hold it only by the edges when lifting. You've probably been told to never lay your TV flat, and that's true during transportation and unboxing. But now that we're onto attaching the stand, you will need to lay it flat per the included instructions. Carefully set the screen down on the soft clean surface you've prepared. Again, holding only by the edges. Hisense TVs have several stand styles, so be sure to follow the instructions in your stand assembly or quick start guide. Use the provided hardware and remember not to over tighten screws. With your stand securely attached, lift the TV carefully with one hand on the bottom of the TV and the other on top. Being careful to only touch the bezel and not the screen itself. Place your TV upright on the console you're going to use and you're done. If you're going to mount your TV, be sure to use a kit that matches your TV size and weight and anchor it securely into the wall. If you have questions about these instructions, contact Hisense at 1-888-935-8880 or online at And if you decide you'd like some expert help with unboxing, setting up or mounting your new TV, Geek Squad is here to help.

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