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Save time by learning about the new turbo wash feature on your new front load washer.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] I have to tell you that the TurboWash may be my favorite feature on my LG washer. It's like having a fast forward button for my wash. At the store, they demonstrated the difference between a normal wash cycle versus the TurboWash by turning the washer on with the TurboWash selected and pressing start. That's amazing to me. TurboWash can cut the wash time by 20 minutes. 20 minutes per load? Wow. With my family's laundry, that saves me about three hours of time per week. And it's not like other speed wash cycles that can only handle small, lightly soiled loads and actually skip certain cleaning steps. I had an accident. My LG can wash larger loads faster because it washes them smarter. Washer. OK. You're probably wondering how that works, right? We learned that LG's TurboWash uses twin sprays with nozzles on both sides of the gasket to spray a concentrated detergent solution directly onto the clothes. That gets the detergent into the clothes faster. Then it has an atomizing rinse spray that uses a high power nozzle at the top of the gasket to rinse clothes during the spin cycle. So combining the rinse and the spin cycle saves time too as the water is also drained. It all adds up to one fast super cleaning machine and more time for me to do the things I enjoy more than laundry, more time for the things I love.

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