Video: How to Prep for Washer Delivery and Installation

Learn how to get ready for the delivery and installation of your new washing machine. Walk the path, check your hookups, order new parts, and empty your old washing machine.
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Thanks for trusting Best Buy to deliver and install your new washer. Here are some things to do before delivery day to make sure you'll have the best possible experience. For starters, walk the path. Try to avoid stairs, tight turns and other obstacles, and make sure the doorways and halls are wide enough to accommodate your new appliance. Next, check your hookups. You'll need a three prong 110 volt outlet for your washer's power cord. Also, make sure there are hot and cold water shutoff valves no more than four feet from the washer. The valves should be corrosion free and in good working order, with standard metal connections that won't need to be modified to work with our parts. You'll also need some new parts, like fill hoses, if they're not included with your washer. This is important because old parts can fail and cause damage to your home. Best Buy won't reuse existing parts for new appliance hookups. If you're stacking a dryer on your washer, you'll also need a stacking kit and possibly some other parts for installation. And if you're planning to put the washer on a pedestal base, you'll need a new matching pedestal. Finally, be sure to empty your old washer. These do ahead tasks will help make your installation smooth and trouble free. To get the complete details about our washer installation service and all the other great services we offer, check out or visit your local store. And be sure to ask about our haul away and relocation services.

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