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Allows you to search the Web, check e-mail, play music and videos and more by speaking simple commands.​
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Length: 2:24
One of the coolest innovations in computers over the last couple of years is that now we can control them by having a conversation with them. Dragon Assistant is one of the most popular voice- assistant programs on the market. Let's take it for a test drive. Basically, Dragon Assistant lets you interact with your computer just by talking to it. Hello, Dragon. You can search the web. Show movie theaters near me. You can check in on social media. Post to Facebook. You can play music or movies. Play my Sunday playlist. Or just write emails. Send an email to Alice. What's really cool about Dragon Assistant is that it can understand natural language. Hey, Dragon. That means you don't have to use precise commands. Looking for sushi restaurants nearby. You can just speak your mind, and Dragon Assistant will understand you. You don't need a headset because all computers that offer Dragon Assistant come with a built-in high quality microphone. Hey, Dragon. You just talk. Send email to Sarah. And the subject should be? Lunch. And what should the email say? I heard you're in town, let's do lunch. Here's your email, do you want to send it? Yes. When you're searching for entertainment, you expect to have access to all kinds of different content from different providers. And that's the way Dragon does it too. Play The General with Buster Keaton. Dragon will look for TV episodes, movies, and music from multiple sources all at once, online, or on your own computer. Same thing goes for how you search the web for information. Just give Dragon your request, and it'll bring up the most popular online content. Dragon even knows your location, so you can ask straightforward questions without a lot of set up. What's the weather like today? Show me flights to Chicago on Sunday. The new Dragon Assistant even has personality. Hey Dragon. Dragon can have a little fun. Tell me a joke. I can't, I'm too afraid of getting heckled. Or Dragon can bring a little British formality to you interactions. Hey, Dragon. How are you today? I believe the phrase at hand is, just peachy, sir. Dragon comes pre-loaded on select Intel laptops, two-in-ones, and all-in-ones at Best Buy. So check it out at or come on in and let's talk about.

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