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Assistive technology features are available in select landline phones and prepaid cell phones, such as volume control, hearing aid compatibility and large buttons or icons.
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For those in the market for phones with assistive technology features, we've got some really nice options. First, a couple landline phones for you. This one has large, high contrast buttons, and assistive technology to not only make words louder, but also clearer. It can boost the volume up to 37 decibels. And this option also has ringer and handset amplification, hearing aid compatibility, plus it features programmable photo memory buttons. Now, a couple easy to use cell phone choices. Both are simple to operate and geared for those who want a cell phone and that's it. They're no contract phones, which means you buy your talk and text minutes as you need them. They have nice, large buttons so making calls is a breeze. They also have a built in camera if taking pictures is something you want to do. For more information on these and other assistive technology products we sell, visit And remember, you'll get free shipping on orders $35 and up.

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