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Check out our line of lightweight laptops, packed with the latest features.
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Check out the Blue Label line of laptops only at Best Buy. Blue Label is a collection of top tier laptops packed with the features customers have asked for. Let's start with their serious computing power. Most Blue Label laptops are powered by either an Intel Core i3 or an AMD 8 or better processor. Plus, they come with plenty of memory and hard drive space while staying slim and lightweight. And when it comes to versatility, they're hard to beat. Many can function as a laptop for work, or a tablet for fun, with plenty of choices in between. And with full HD displays and touchscreen technology on most Blue Label laptops, you get serious playback quality and the flexibility to work the way that's best for you. Other great features from the Blue Label collection includes backlit keyboards, pre-installed voice recognition software. Next, an extra nice built in audio systems. They're made from premium materials and have really high quality finishes. A Blue Label laptop is definitely one you'll have no trouble showing off to your friends. And included with any Blue Label laptop, you get a free one year subscription to Internet Security Software. Surf, bank, whatever you do online with confidence. Check them out in person at your local Best Buy store or buy one right now from
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