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Learn more about getting started with your Lexie hearing aids and what you can find in the box.
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Length: 1:16
Mandy: I just finished ordering my Lexie hearing aids. [Mandy walks to her front door holding Lexie box that she just fetched from her mailbox] Here we go! My new Lexie hearing aids. We’re home! [Mandy starts to open up box] This is so exciting and I get to share it with you. [Mandy holds up a pair of silver hearing aids she has removed from the Lexie packaging] The Lexie hearing aids. Aren't they sleek and so modern looking? [Mandy takes each item out of Lexie packaging as she describes it] My cleaning tools. Very important. Batteries that will totally power me through the next 45 days. Oh, here's a measuring tool that I'm going to measure for just right perfect fit. Hearing tubes. They're thin tubes, mind you, so this is going to make this hearing aid so much unlike my old hearing aids, which were so uncomfortable. Finally, the domes. These domes are wonderful, a variety of shapes. And now, I'm downloading the Lexie app. [Mandy shows how she downloads the Lexie app on her mobile phone] There, I've got it. Better hearing at my fingertips, literally. It was that simple. And I get to do it right from my own phone. [Mandy scrolls through the Lexie mobile app] I'm going to try a video call with the Lexie hearing expert. [Mandy starts a video call to a Lexie hearing expert on her phone using the Lexie app] Hearing Expert: Welcome to Lexie. How can we help? Mandy: [Mandy sits on her couch] I got to honestly say I have so much confidence and I’m so comfortable wearing my Lexie hearing aids every single day.

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