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- Hi, and welcome to Expert Picks. I'm Liz, a Home Expert from Best Buy. Today, I'll show you a few Samsung smartwatches to help you find the one that's best for you. We'll go over the Galaxy Watch5 and the Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Both are available in Bluetooth and LTE versions. I'll talk more about that in a bit. For now, let's get into the smartwatches. If you are looking for your first smartwatch or want to get a better handle on tracking your health the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is a great place to start. The watch runs the latest operating system called Wear OS and pairs with compatible Android phones. So you can send and receive messages, take phone calls and get notifications right on your watch. You can even stream music from YouTube music. It's also really helpful when it comes to navigation because you can see the directions right on your wrist. The bottom of the watch has an improved curved sensor that gets it closer to your skin. This makes readings like heart rate even more accurate. And speaking of sensors there's even one to track sleeping patterns. This delivers insights on what your body is doing when you're sleeping so you can adjust to get an even better night of rest. It also provides body composition data such as body fat, skeletal muscle, and body water using bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. Of course, it can track steps but it also has a feature called auto workout tracking meaning it automatically recognizes certain workouts like running and swimming and starts tracking for you. This is really helpful for those times when you forget to start tracking a workout. It has an aluminum metal frame and a sapphire crystal display. The 40 millimeter comes in graphite, pink gold and silver like the one that I have here. If you wanna go bigger you can go with the 44 millimeter offered in silver, sapphire and this graphite option as well. Personalizing the watch to match your style is part of the fun. There are plenty of options for watch faces and not only can you download the ones you like but you can also customize things like color add complications if you want to see more info or have more control right from the face. Samsung also offers various watch bands so you can dial in the right look and feel. You can easily change it up based on your activity or outfit. If you are looking to get into the smartwatch game or need a better way to track your health and fitness, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 just might be the right one for you. If you spend a good amount of time in the outdoors and need something built to handle the elements then the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro is worth a look. The Pro version has many of the same features as the Galaxy Watch5, including the sensors. There are sensors for tracking wellness and movement along with a sensor to track sleeping patterns. One major benefit is that the Watch5 Pro has an enhanced GPS. You can even import GPX files for hiking and if you happen to get lost, the track back feature will help you trace your steps back to where you need to be. The Watch5 Pro is a bit larger than the Watch5. It comes in one size, 45 millimeters and to help support your outdoor spirit it has a 590 milliamp hour battery that's bigger compared to the Watch5s 284 milliamp hour rating in the 40 millimeter size and 410 milliamp hour rating in the 44 millimeter size. The Watch5 Pro's body is made of titanium which is durable, yet also lightweight and it comes in gray or black. Again, there are plenty of options for bands so you can customize your look. All right, now let's talk Bluetooth and LTE. The Watch5 and the Watch5 Pro both come in Bluetooth and LTE versions. With the LTE version, you don't need your phone nearby to use the features that rely on internet data. For example, you can stream music, take calls and send messages without your phone around even if you're on a hike and it's at home. With the Bluetooth version the watch is using your phone for internet data so it needs to be nearby to use those same features. We covered a lot here, so let's do a quick recap. If you are looking for a sleek smartwatch that has powerful sensors to keep your health and wellness on track, the Galaxy Watch5 is a great introduction to smartwatches. If you're more of an explorer and need a rugged watch and a longer battery life the Galaxy Watch5 Pro might be a better fit. Thanks for tuning into Expert Picks the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series edition. If you want further recommendations on smartwatches schedule a free consultation with your own Best Buy Home Expert. You can meet with a Home Expert in your home virtually or in a Best Buy store. See you next time on Expert Picks.


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