Video: 3 Things to Know Before Buying a Laptop

Looking for a laptop? Here are a few tips to help you pick the best one for you.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] The most important thing to consider when you are choosing to buy a new laptop is going to be what you want to do with the laptop. Going to be just for you, is it going to be for your family, are you going to use it for gaming, are you going to use it for work? What you want to do is the driving force behind what kind of processor you pick, what kind of operating system you pick. There's a couple different operating systems that you can choose from. There's Windows, Google's operating system, and Apple's operating system. It's really going to be a personal preference of what's going to be more comfortable when you're using the new laptop. So basic laptop, it's kind of like a clamshell. It just opens up, use it for browsing web, checking emails. But they can vary from really basic to light and portable high-performance laptops as well. A lot a laptops are starting to include a touchscreen feature. It just creates a whole new experience that laptops never had before. And you also have your 2 in 1s for the people want that tablet feel in a laptop. There are two different styles; a split style in which you can actually remove the tablet from the laptop portion of the computer, and then you also have the 360-degree hinge. Use it like a regular laptop, but then also flip it all the way around and use it like a tablet. You have your gaming laptop, which is going to be a little bit higher-end. Normally have really powerful processor, going to get the dedicated graphics card that's going to allow you that capability to play those higher -range games. Another type of laptop would be a 4G LTE laptop. And with those you can use the internet anywhere you get cell service. Another thing to consider are going to be the key specs. That is usually going to include the processor, the memory, hard drive, and screen resolution. The processor's often thought of as the brain of the computer. The bigger the processor, the better the computer will run. The memory is actually going to operate every single program that is running on that computer. The more memory that you have, the more RAM that you have, the better your computer is going to work running multiple applications. Your hard drive space is going to determine how much stuff you can store on your laptop. The more space you have, the more stuff you can store. A solid state hard drive is going to allow for faster boot time. When you're opening a program, it's just going to be instantaneous speed. Screen resolution is going to be an important spec to consider. The standard now is all HD. There's also higher than HD resolution. If you are someone who watches a lot of movies on your laptop or a gamer, having a higher resolution screen would be a huge benefit.

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