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[MUSIC PLAYING] A phone is built to do a lot of different things. Whereas a camcorder is built 100% from its most basic parts to be the best device to record the best quality video. It's going to have better lens. It's going to have better hardware internally. Record high definition video. Generally the audio quality is better. Most video cameras now have stereo microphones. So you have the sound coming in from both the right and the left. Some of them can also do 5.1 surround sound. Optical zoom is a physical movement of the actual lens elements. The image essentially looks larger without losing the quality and the resolution. Whereas digital zoom is the same kind of concept as zooming in on your computer. If you zoom in on an image on your computer you can zoom in some ways, but eventually it will start to look pixilated and the image quality will go down. The biggest thing about image stabilization is you are basically canceling out the small movements that your hands make when you're taking video with the camcorder. Even if it's just the slightest movement, when you're zoomed in really far it's going to be amplified. Camcorders are built to be held in the hand in that position where you can hold it for a long time. With a camcorder you can put it another memory card, the batteries stay charged for hours, and now you can have the entire recital event. You can have the whole hockey game, and everything recorded. And then afterwards, on some camcorder's because they have Wi-Fi direct built you can wirelessly share the video directly to a computer. Or you can do a direct Wi-Fi connection to a smartphone or tablet, and then you'll be able to either just save it on that device, or email it, or upload it to whatever site you want to use. Being able to watch those seconds after those memories were taken is a great possibility with an HD camcorder.

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