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Want better audio from your TV? Take a look at soundbars.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] A lot of people, they want better sound than what the TV offers, but they don't want to install a full surround sound system. The Sound bar is the easiest solution. It's just one connection with one cable. Sound bars either come with a subwoofer or without. A lot of them have a wireless subwoofer. You can place it wherever you want in the room. All it needs is power. You'll get a full range of sound, still with a very easy set-up. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you're going to be mounting the TV, you're probably going to want to mount the sound bar, too, unless you have an individual stand just for the sound bar. For some smaller TVs, we do have smaller ones that you can actually put your TV on top of. That way, if you don't have a lot of room-- let's say it's on a dresser in a bedroom-- you can take and put the sound bar on top of the dresser and the TV right on top without having to worry about mounting it. Or there's sound bars that can split into two. You can put it on separate stands. And you're still going to get your full stereo sound, your left and right. But it's just going to be coming from the sides of the TV rather than underneath it. [MUSIC PLAYING] You have your own personal taste in what you're listening to, your music or your TV shows that you're watching. Coming in store is going to really set you up for what you're going to want in the long run, because you're able to listen to exactly what sound bars we have available for big rooms, small rooms, medium sized rooms, living rooms, kitchens, the whole shebang. You can kind of listen to it and decide for yourself. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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