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Need a new camera? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] When you're starting to look for a point-a-shoot camera, I always start with, what are you taking pictures of? And once you figure that out, we can help you figure out what camera is going to work best. Cameras that have low-light technology are going to be able to take great pictures, even when you're celebrating a birthday party, and you got the lights off, and the candles on the birthday cake, you're still going to be able to capture the color in that moment. The mega zooms, the cameras that just have those gigantic zooms on them, people really, really like those. They allow you to get down on the field and get closer to your kids so you can capture pictures of them, versus being, like, eh, I think he's right there. Another really cool feature that you're starting to see in a lot more cameras is Wi-Fi. It enables you to upload those pictures directly to your smartphone, your tablet. I personally have found that to be a really, really cool feature. So that's great for sharing and keeping in touch with family and friends. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you're look for a camera that's a little bit more durable, I'd recommend one of a tougher type cameras. And they're actually going to be water resistant for you, drop resistance, and also, freeze resistant. You can take them with you and not worry about, if you drop your camera, that it's going to break or that if it gets wet that it's going to be ruined. A lot of them also have a GPS in them, so you can tag where your pictures are being taken. So when you actually load your photos into your computer, it pinpoints where your photos were taken. Cameras that are made for tough use are definitely good options for people who know that they aren't easy on their technology. [MUSIC PLAYING] I always tell customers, don't just look at the megapixels. Look at how big the image sensor is, how much zoom the camera has, what kind of modes the camera has. Just because you a ton of megapixels doesn't guarantee you an excellent photo. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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