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The HP Split Ultrabook provides the best of both worlds - the power of a full-featured laptop and the convenience of a tablet. Here's a video showing how to set one up and convert it into a tablet.
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With the new Intel Core I5 processor, the HP Split Ultrabook let's you take on your toughest projects, but this same HP also offers you the versatility and convenience of a tablet in one device. Don't let it's compact design fool you, you can get the total experience with top quality audio and a stunning 13.3 inch HD display. So let's get you going. Hold down the power button on the top right behind the screen until it turns on. You'll walk through a quick setup and registration process. You can either use your laptop's mousepad and keyboard or get used to your fancy new touchscreen. We recommend keeping your laptop plugged into a power source until it's fully charged and set up is complete. As you continue through the set of process, your Ultrabook will ask you to sign in with a Microsoft account. If you don't have one yet, you can quickly create one. After you enter your username and password, your new Ultrabook is going to take some time to get itself ready. Make sure your computer stays on during the process. You're then taken right to the Start screen, where you can access your email and calendar, Skype, Internet Explorer, and other favorite apps. You can add more apps at any time by visiting the Microsoft app store. Swiping from right to left brings up your Settings menu, as well as easy access to the Start screen. To find your desktop, just select the Desktop icon at the bottom left. You can get back to your Start screen from your Desktop by either touching or clicking the Window logo. Next, let's practice unlocking your tablet. The release latch is located just under the screen, slide it to the left. You'll hear a sound alert, and now your laptop screen is a tablet. To reattach it, just slide the tablet portion back down onto the keyboard. Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. If you need more help, we are here for you 24/7. Visit, call us at 1-800-GeekSquad, or visit us at a Best Buy store.

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