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Here’s a quick video to help you select the perfect TV for your space.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Every person's room is different in their home so we want to make sure that you get the right size TV that's going to fit within your home. If you are too close to a TV, you're actually going to see the pixels that make up that image. And you're going to determine that that TV is not as good or you're just not getting the quality that you're supposed to. One rule of thumb that we actually recommend when looking at TVs-- say if you're looking at a 60 inch TV. You would actually want to take that size, then multiply it by one and a half, so you would have 90 inches. And then translate that into feet. So seven and a half feet. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you're looking at a 60 inch TV, 90 inches is the minimum. Double that number-- 180 inches-- equates to about 15 feet, would be your maximum viewing distance. Viewing distance and screen size for 4K sets is going to be a little bit different than your 1080 panels. On a 60 inch 4K, you could actually sit as close as four feet. So we're recommending as a good rule of thumb right now that about one and a half times the height of your TV screen would be your viewing distance on a 4K television set. You can obviously sit further back, too. There's no hard and fast rule, [? so ?] [? we just ?] start giving a good guideline. When it comes down to making a decision on a flat panel TV, it's going to be your choice based on just what you're going to be happiest with. So choose what you want. Don't be afraid to go a little bit larger than what you had initially planned on. You never come in to Best Buy and regret buying a bigger TV. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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