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Smart TVs can do more than just stream shows and movies. Learn more right now.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Smart TV is an internet connectable TV. They do more than just stream content now. Some of them will recommend movies and TV shows based on what you watch normally. Some of the TVs you can control with hand motions. You can control your TV with your voice. Some of the higher end TVs have quad core processors. Adding that improved processing, when you click on something, it is going to update that quickly. You're going to want decent internet speeds. The minimum if you have no other users in the house, you're looking at 5 megabits per second and 2 megabits per second for uploading speed. But if you have a lot of devices on there, you're actually going to need a little bit faster internet speed. We do set up internet through our connection specialists at the stores. So if you're unsure of your own connection speeds that you do have, feel free to swing on in. Thy can set you up. Along with being able to upgrade your data speeds through your internet provider, you might want to also check to see if you have a decent enough router so we can make sure you enjoy what you get from your smart TV or your smart device. With smart TVs, you actually do get a much better overall experience. They've become kind of the hub for being able to connect to other devices. You can access content on your computer. You're able to have pictures on your tablet. Put them onto your TV. Some of the TVs even have mirroring. So you can watch what's on the TV on your phone if you're away from the TV. You get to watch what you want, where you want, how you want to. You've got one remote control that will bring everything together for you.

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