Video: How to Prep for Gas Range Delivery & Installation

How to Prep for Gas Range Delivery & Installation
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Thanks for trusting Best Buy to deliver and install your new gas range. Here are a few things to do before delivery day to make sure you'll have the best possible experience. For starters, walk the path, try to avoid stairs tight turns and other obstacles and make sure the doorways and halls are wide enough to accommodate your new appliance. Next, check your hookups. You'll need a three prong 110-volt outlet for your new range's power cord and make sure there's a gas shutoff valve in good working condition with a metal connection located directly behind the range. When it comes to parts, you'll need to buy a new gas line. This is important for your safety and Best Buys' installers won't reuse existing parts for new appliances. Our installers will do a thorough inspection when we arrive to make sure your installation is safe and up to code. If additional charges apply, we'll get your approval before starting the job. As a safety precaution, we're also required to mount the manufacturer's anti-tip bracket. Last, but not least, be sure to completely empty your old range. Doing this prep work beforehand will help make your installation smooth and trouble free. To get the complete details about our gas range installation service, and all the other great services we offer, check out or visit your local store, and be sure to ask about our haul away and relocation services.

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