Video: Things to Know Before You Buy: TV Types

Time for a new TV? Here’s a fast overview of four popular types.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Plasma is right now your ideal picture for movie watching, sports viewing. Smoother midtones, deeper black levels. The other thing that's nice about the plasma is you don't have to worry about the refresh rate. For people that are going to be using it for watching a lot of sports, playing a lot of games, the unit actually refreshes really quickly, and you don't have to worry about having any blurriness in there. We do have to look at the environment and the lighting in the room, just to ensure that you're getting the most out of that picture. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the advantages to LCD is that it has a matte finish on the screen, so you don't get the glare across the screen. Typically they're going to be backlit TVs, so you get really good control of the black levels. Little brighter. LCD is a great technology if you're looking to keep the overall cost down. It's very energy-efficient compared to plasma. LCD also will give you more flexibility in size options. [MUSIC PLAYING] LED TVs are another TV that we offer. They look great in rooms with a lot of natural light. There are a brighter picture. You get bolder, more vivid colors with the LED TVs. The LEDs actually are going to be more energy-efficient than our LCDs. It also has a nice thin bezel, so you're looking at a nice thin edging, as well as a really thin depth. So if you're mounting the TV, you're not going to have it straying from the wall too far. [MUSIC PLAYING] OLED TVs benefit from extremely high contrast ratios. So what it's able to do is have one pixel off, running pure black, while simultaneously having one pixel on, giving you that pure white color. Additionally, because of that lack of that backlighting, you also don't have any leakage of light coming through on the other pixels around it. OLEDs have a really fast refresh rate, which allows them to keep really crisp and sharp when you're watching sports, action movies, or even if you're playing video games. They're the most energy-efficient panel out there right now. OLED TVs have almost become synonymous with the idea of curved TVs. It's just a thin organic membrane that's basically creating that image. So that's what allows for that curved panel, but equally what allows for a very thin panel. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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