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[MUSIC PLAYING] The whole idea behind a DSLR is that you can shoot in any type of condition that you want. All you have to do is just get the correct lens for the shot that you're taking. The telephoto, or telephoto zoom lens, is going to be able to capture things that are further out. It's nice for nature if you want to get in close to the bird that's in the tree. And also using them when you're taking photos of family, and you want them to be more candid photos. Most people want to be able to get in super close, so, like, if their kid is playing at the park, or they're playing at a hockey game. You can't jump on the ice to take a picture, you have to use your lens. Well wide angle lenses help you to capture the whole picture, so to speak. Those are good for situations if you're doing architecture shots and you want to capture a whole city line because there's a wider field of view. I personally like them for the group shots. Instead of having to scrunch everybody together, you can actually get everybody in in one shot. And they typically like a lot of light in as well, so even during low light you can get some great photos with them. On the more wide side, it's a little bit more fish eye. So you can get a little more creative that way. Prime lenses-- where they shine is when you're shooting and you want the clearest, sharpest picture ever. You do not have any zoom in the lines. All the zoom you do, it's going to be done with your feet. You're going to be either moving closer or further away from the subject. With prime, you're getting less distortion, more light allowed through, and essentially better image quality. Prime lenses have very large aperture, or a smaller f-stop. So if you're taking a picture of somebody's face, just that particular part will be in focus. Macro lenses are fantastic if you're going to be shooting anything really, really close up. It fills the entire frame. For people that go on eBay, and they want to put an object or whatever heirloom that they have, and you need to see the finer detail of it, that's what macro lenses are great for. The lens allows you to get very close to everything, and have really crisp and vibrant images. Interchangeable lens are the way to go. It gives you the opportunity to take a lot of different types of photos and take them really well.

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