Video: 3 Things to Know Before Buying a Desktop

Desktop computers have a lot of advantages. Here’s help finding the right one for you.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Desktops are great units. You can upgrade them very easily. Desktops are more customizable. You can add in graphics cards, sound cards. You can upgrade your RAM more easily. Give yourself a lot more power than like a laptop or a tablet. Your bang for your buck is in your desktop. You're going to get more computer for your dollar value. [MUSIC PLAYING] There are several different desktops to choose from. A traditional desktop is a tower. Everything's built-in to the size of it, like a box. Typically they're better for gamers than laptops. It's simple, just stays in one place, and does everything you to need it to do. The all-in-one, you just plug it in, and it's ready to go. You have the monitor and the computer all together in one piece. Keyboard and mouse, typically wireless. There are some with touchscreen features. So with the portable all-in-ones, that's where things really get interesting. It has a built-in battery, so you can charge it and then you can move it around wherever you need it to go. They have a stand, and then you can take that down, lay it flat, play games kind of like a tablet. I think the portable all-in-one appeals to those people who are really looking for a home computer and want to still be able to bring it from the office to the living room. [MUSIC PLAYING] The processor's often thought of as the brain of the computer. The bigger the processor, the better the computer will run. The memory is actually going to operate every single program that is running on that computer. The more memory that you have, the more RAM that you have, the better your computer is going to work running multiple applications. So hard drive space is really your storage capacity for your pictures, your documents, your music. So the more storage you have, the more stuff you can put on your computer to keep with you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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