Video: 3 Things to Know Before Buying Appliances

Looking for one appliance or a house full? Here are 3 tips to make buying easier.
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Measure the space. That's the biggest thing. Never measure the existing appliance. Sometimes the appliances on the market now are bigger than what was normal 20 years ago, so it is very important to measure the space that you could actually fit the new one into. You're going to need three things when you measure an opening. You're going to need the width, the height, and the depth. You should always measure the path of which the appliance will take from the delivery truck to make sure that it can actually get through your kitchen, living room, wherever it needs to go to get into the space were it sits. Because I'd hate to sell you on a refrigerator that awesome, that's got all these great features and that you love, and then it doesn't fit. Appliances are not something that you're getting rid of in two years. You want to consider what it's going to be like down the road. If you're a single family and you plan on having kids, maybe you want to get a fridge that's a little bit larger so you have room for the kids. You definitely want to take into account the finishes that you're looking at as well as handle styles. Going brand to brand, they can vary quite a bit. When you're choosing different finishes and colors, you always want to ask us what will match if you are concerned about that because some stainless steels won't match others. Definitely want to choose something that you're going to be happy with the first time around and get a good life span out of your products. Energy Star certified means that the appliances go through the certification process. It'll actually tell you how much energy the appliance will typically use in a year span. We do try to help you pick out the most energy efficient appliances to keep your overall operating costs down. If you want to save money in the long run, save money on those electrical bills, then I'd like to find you something high efficiency. Plus, we're helping the environment.

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