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Geek Squad® Autotech Services can help you stay connected and keep your hands on the wheel. Here’s how.
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You want to stay connected while you're on the road. And we can help with Geek Squad Autotech services. From very basic to fully integrated, we have everything you need to connect your phone to your car. Most hands-free devices use Bluetooth, which allows you to make and answer calls and play your music library using your voice. Audio plays through your car speakers. Some Bluetooth car stereos also allow you to control your phone, use navigation, access messages, use music-streaming apps and more, all while keeping your hands on the wheel. And you can get expert Geek Squad Autotech installation and setup of your hands-free car technology, whether you bought it at Best Buy or somewhere else. Geek Squad Autotech are mobile electronic-certified professionals, That means we're nationally certified by an an independent group for consumer electronics professionals. All of our installations are backed by a limited lifetime workmanship guarantee. It's good as long as you own your car and our work won't void your vehicle's factory warranty. Plus, if you decide to sell your car or your lease ends, we can remove the devices we installed and put back the original factory equipment. And they'll do the work for free. You can get our great service nationwide. Geek Squad Autotech services are available at more than 1,000 Best Buy stores across the country. Remember, in many states, it's illegal to drive with your phone in your hand. Schedule your installation at or call your local store. Or come in to a Best Buy to find the hands-free phone kit that's right for you. We're here to help.

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