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[“GET INSPIRED” BY GENESIS OWUSU PLAYING] On iPhone, users tap the Fitness app. On a Yoga with Jessica workout, a user taps a green Let’s Go button. On iPhone, Bakari Williams signs in American Sign Language. Bakari Williams: Welcome to Apple Fitness+. Jessica Skye stands before a green, leafy background. Jessica Skye: We’re in this together. Titles: Sequences shortened. Subscription & compatible devices required. Kym Perfetto leads a cycling workout and signs in American Sign Language. Kym Perfetto: You’re riding with Kym and the Fitness+ team. Let’s go! A rapid video montage of Apple Fitness+ workouts while iPhone users follow along. In a park, a person presses into downward dog pose while their iPhone sits propped on a gym bag. Trainer: Take a deep breath in. Beside a tennis court, a person lifts weights. On iPhone, Kim Ngo leads a strength workout and lifts a dumbbell over her head. Kim Ngo: Press with your left arm. Josh Crosby leads a rowing workout. In a gym, a person rows on a rowing machine. Their iPhone stands mounted to it. Josh Crosby: Do not hold back! The rower’s eyes widen. Rower: OK, Josh! Now, iPhone devices stand propped in a living room, on a treadmill, on a stationary bike in a garage, on a beach, on a roof, in a yard beside a small slide. People watch Apple Fitness+ workouts and follow along. Trainer: Grab a sip of water. Breathe. Molly Fox: Let’s do one more. In a living room, an Apple Fitness+ workout plays on iPad. On a carpet, a person reaches toward the ceiling. Now, Apple Fitness+ coaches sign in American Sign Language. Darryl Whiting: Stay active. Jessica: Close your rings. Jonelle Lewis: See you next time. Titles: Fitness for everyone. A person does a burpee. Titles: Now all you need is iPhone. The rower pulls the rowing machine handle to the finish. A person does a sit-up toward their iPhone and sticks out their tongue. The Apple Fitness+ logo.

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