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Learn how your LG refrigerator keeps your food fresh and delicious.
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[MUSIC PLAYING] Fresher is better. To help keep all your favorites fresh longer, the LG smart cooling system helps keep food at correct, consistent temperatures. The average US household wastes $1,800 of food each year, mainly due to a loss of freshness. But not all refrigerators have the same ability to preserve food. LG uses digital sensors inside the fresh food section that closely monitor temperature and humidity levels. When changes are detected. LG's linear compressor and dual evaporator quickly react to help maintain optimal conditions and help keep foods at its peak. Unlike some refrigerators that only have a few air vent and limited air circulation, LG's multi-airflow design uses well-placed vents in every section to help surround your food with cool, fresh air no matter where you put it. Even the air inside the refrigerator stays fresher thanks to the LG fresh air filter. It features a dedicated fan that circulates clean, filtered air. Fresher food, fresher air. No wonder LG's smart cooling system is the freshest idea in refrigeration. LG, Life's Good.

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